A primal land. A vast tangle of steaming jungle and jagged rock. Miles of coastline too savage to approach by ship, broken by the outflow of deep, dark, silent rivers. Forests whipped by storms not of wind, but the roiling currents of Time itself. The swamps burble with festering layers of history. The mountain peaks to the South stand like frostbitten knives as fell winds whine and howl alone through the night. There are valleys here that no living eyes have seen, ruins fallen prey to legend and lore. All the kingdoms are dead. All the rulers have fallen, immemorial. Their hearths lie cold, the halls barren, their dungeons empty…perhaps. Others have taken this land as their own, wilder powers and older. They have learned the ways of the land, learned to shift with it as you must if you are ever to find what you came for. And if you do find it, will the land let you keep it?

Welcome to The Lost Continent.

Of Daggers and Dreams - Season Two: Xen'Drik

Xen drik cover CavePainter Vitaeleous Jess_bons_12